Unifi WebSocket Connection Error Unifi Controller 5.12.66

Today I ran into an error after upgrading my Unifi controller that I really wasn’t able to find much online about. What I could find online was simply saying to update my controller or turn off websocket connections.

This turned out to be something very simple. But here is how this all started; my controller had been consuming RAM like no other. In the span of a month we went from 1 GB provisioned with no issue up to 16 GB 100% usage. After turning Wifi AI on RAM usage never decreased. So I decided to spin up another controller from scratch and start fresh.

I restored my old backup settings and upon loading the controller was greeted with the above messages. I could make any changes that I wanted but after 2 minutes I had to login again as I’d get a fatal error.

Looking the issue up online I saw it suggested to just turn off websocket connections. I was able to turn the setting off but it appeared to have no effect. Even with WebSockets off I was still getting WebSocket connection errors. A few reboots and nothing.

This 30 minute job was quickly turning into an all day ordeal. So I figured now is the time to dig into the logs. I log into GCP and go to the logging section; GCP is really good at locking me out when I need it the most though and today was that day.

With that there were no packet captures to be had; that’s when I realized the issue, the SSL cert wasn’t valid for where the controller was currently parked. A new SSL cert and the issue went right away.

Today was a very short write-up but I’m hoping it helps anybody else that runs into this – have a good night.

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