Free Ranging Chickens in the Cold Winter Months

Free-ranging chickens and allowing them to graze as nature had intended is always recommended over just keeping them in the coop. Chickens and any domestic bird will peak their productivity and health when they have a space to roam around freely.Healthy, happy, and natural birds are in our interest. Spring, summer, and fall months areContinue reading “Free Ranging Chickens in the Cold Winter Months”

Adtran n-Command AOS Configuration Templates

Adtran n-Command MSP is a true game changer for deploying and administering Adtran products quickly. While getting n-Command was a journey in itself, I had a difficult ordering process; it was very difficult to get any info from their sales team ( they never really returned any of my voicemails, inquiries or emails over ~18Continue reading “Adtran n-Command AOS Configuration Templates”

T1 and PRI Troubleshooting and Fun At Layers 1 and 2

Believe it or not in 2021 T1 lines are still fairly common in many enterprise and rural settings. T1s can be used for both voice and data, the most common circuit these days is a PRI for voice. I’ve found support for these circuits are often non-existent at the lower levels of carrier and vendorContinue reading “T1 and PRI Troubleshooting and Fun At Layers 1 and 2”

Mitel SX200 Hard Drive Failure

The Mitel SX200 has been a staple in hospitality since it’s original release in 1975 when it was first introduced by Mitel. If you have ever worked at a hotel there is a high chance that you have seen the dreaded console phone. Modern systems don’t add a ton of value to most environments, theContinue reading “Mitel SX200 Hard Drive Failure”

daloRADIUS on Ubuntu 20.04 for Captive Portal

DaloRADIUS is an open source RADIUS client and server implementation for Unix-like systems, and it can be used as a frontend or backend to authenticate remote users against FreeRADIUS. Today I am going to be installing daloRADIUS on Ubuntu 20.04. My end goal is to use this as a radius based captive portal for Mikrotik,Continue reading “daloRADIUS on Ubuntu 20.04 for Captive Portal”

UNIFI Controller API to Automate Repetitive Tasks

Keeping many sites consistent is the key to quality and quick network support. Ubiquiti’s software defined controller presented unique challenges when implementing and keeping up with changes. With a few thousand UNIFI devices managed a task as small as adding a new admin to every site could take hours. I wanted to share this asContinue reading “UNIFI Controller API to Automate Repetitive Tasks”

TerrariumPI on Raspberry Pi 4

TerrariumPI is a neat software to control almost any environmental condition in a closed environment. I had been looking for something like this for my greenhouse automation project but noticed the install instructions were a little out of date and wouldn’t work with python3 bundled in the more recent raspbian distros. Here I will walkContinue reading “TerrariumPI on Raspberry Pi 4”

Reset Password on Adtran Total Access

A lot of my telecom projects involve the Adtran Total Access series. Today I’m going to do an overview of the easiest way I’ve found to reset the password after I’ve forgotten it or locked myself out. For this you are going to need console access; a standard DB9 to USB cord was used. UsingContinue reading “Reset Password on Adtran Total Access”

Unifi WebSocket Connection Error Unifi Controller 5.12.66

Today I ran into an error after upgrading my Unifi controller that I really wasn’t able to find much online about. What I could find online was simply saying to update my controller or turn off websocket connections. This turned out to be something very simple. But here is how this all started; my controllerContinue reading “Unifi WebSocket Connection Error Unifi Controller 5.12.66”