UNIFI Controller API to Automate Repetitive Tasks

Keeping many sites consistent is the key to quality and quick network support. Ubiquiti’s software defined controller presented unique challenges when implementing and keeping up with changes. With a few thousand UNIFI devices managed a task as small as adding a new admin to every site could take hours. I wanted to share this asContinue reading “UNIFI Controller API to Automate Repetitive Tasks”

Unifi WebSocket Connection Error Unifi Controller 5.12.66

Today I ran into an error after upgrading my Unifi controller that I really wasn’t able to find much online about. What I could find online was simply saying to update my controller or turn off websocket connections. This turned out to be something very simple. But here is how this all started; my controllerContinue reading “Unifi WebSocket Connection Error Unifi Controller 5.12.66”