T1 and PRI Troubleshooting and Fun At Layers 1 and 2

Believe it or not in 2021 T1 lines are still fairly common in many enterprise and rural settings. T1s can be used for both voice and data, the most common circuit these days is a PRI for voice. I’ve found support for these circuits are often non-existent at the lower levels of carrier and vendorContinue reading “T1 and PRI Troubleshooting and Fun At Layers 1 and 2”

PD Overload Error on ICX Switches

Recently I was asked to take a look at an issue where POE devices kept rebooting. Upon looking at the device errors like PD Overload and random ports having POE disabled kept appearing. Doing a show inline power command returned the below output Everything looked good at a glance; we had 124 watts budget totalContinue reading “PD Overload Error on ICX Switches”